About Green Sport Trail Towns

It is no secret that many travelers choose their holiday destinations based on things to do around a specific city or town. This is especially true for active people such as runners and cyclists that might be training for a race or event.

These events often have specific requirements due to their technicality and distance. Our research shows that many people will choose a destination not only based on their trail/route offerings but also on the quality of information provided to access these routes because it impacts their preparation significantly.

Through the use of technology we have developed a successful model to help cities and towns develop, map, package and market their local trails as sustainable tourism products through our Green Sport Trail Town Network.

Trail Towns generate income through tourism that advances the local economy, create jobs and leads to a healthier society.

Over the past three years Green Sport has tried and tested this concept through our first trail town in George in the Garden Route of South Africa.

How it works:

  • If you think that your city or town can benefit from becoming a Trail Town, contact us for more information.
  • Your Trail Town-specific website will provide detailed information on a variety of routes and trails in your area that will attract tourism when made known to trail users.
  • This website coupled with its social media will be an important platform to inform and educate both locals and visitors and provides a platform for clubs, conservation bodies, landowners, business and local government.
  • Your website and Trail Town project can become self-sustainable by means of advertising, downloads and basic fundraising. We will show you how.

Why become a Trail Town

  • Through trail – and eco tourism it help drive the local economy, create jobs and teach new skills.
  • It helps create synergy between local role players such as government, business, landowners and trail users.
  • It helps stimulate the property market as it influences the choice of active newcomers and families that choose their destination based on its access to its natural surroundings.
  • It is about community. It is a platform for trail users to engage, share ideas, have a voice and enjoy the outdoors together.
  • It helps educate the youth of the importance of our natural surroundings and their role in protecting it.
  • It promotes healthy living in a community. Nothing beats exercising in nature.
  • New trails are developed to further increase a town’s offering and reputation as an outdoor ‘playground’.
  • It can significantly enhance a town’s green spaces which can be bolstered by outdoor gyms and other activities.
  • It promotes safe and responsible trail use with a focus on conservation.
  • The official Green Sport Trail Town stamp of approval can be used on the town’s tourism marketing material. This stamp ensures that a town adhere to certain criteria that is assessed annually to maintain high standards to the benefit of all involved.

Interested in becoming a Trail Town?