About Green Sport

The Green Sport Foundation was founded in George, South Africa in 2015 by Werner Rall. It now operates out of Cape Town in the Western Cape region of South Africa which is an adventure paradise with unprecedented natural beauty.

Our goals include:

  • Creating projects to help more people access nature sport-and recreation activities.
  • Advancing trail tourism and helping towns and regions tap into this and marketing themselves.
  • Skills training and job creation in the outdoor environment.
  • Youth Development helping kids explore the great outdoors and balancing screen time.
  • Nature conservation and beach/trail clean-ups.
  • Grant making to help fund other non-profits and charities in this space.

During the pandemic especially, many people realized the importance of balancing life with being outside in nature. The sale of outdoor goods skyrocketed and it is proof that people need nature. Join us and ‘Let’s play outside!’


To reach a worldwide audience and get people playing and participating outside in nature to ultimately create a healthier and happier society that cares about their well-being and that of the natural world that surrounds us.


To create opportunities for participation in nature based sport and recreational activities. To educate about the importance of conserving our natural environment. To develop trail tourism, the youth, skills and create jobs.

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”