About Green Sport

The Green Sport Foundation was founded in 2015 by Werner Rall an outdoor and adventure aficionado . Werner grew up in the mountains and beaches around George, South Africa. He participated in adventure racing and build his love for nature through trail running, hiking, mountain biking and paddling. He also is a provincial waveski surfer and even spend some time as a sponsored beach volleyball player on the national circuit.

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“Nature is part of my DNA. There is no better place for finding adventure and finding meaning for yourself. It is a spiritual place where you can push your limits and explore with friends and family. It is the ultimate adventure playground and I started the foundation to help get more people into green sports and recreational activities. It is about living your best life in this fast-paced, screen-filled, opinionated world. It’s about balance and protecting this special place we call the great outdoors.”

So what is our approach? It is multi-leveled and multi-layered and what we do is mostly project based. There are the direct development of the sports. There is the development of the infrastructure that enable people to do the sport like building trails. There are large scale tourism projects where we develop Trail Towns for cities and towns to attract sustainable tourism through their local trails or outdoor sport and recreational offerings. There is consulting and a variety of services and development initiatives.

At the heart of this we are still a non profit company with a heart for people and the environment. We believe that nature holds the key to much happiness in this crazy world. We don’t have to be ‘tree-huggers’ to know this. Our slogan is ‘Let’s play outside’ and we hope to see you out there.


To reach a worldwide audience and get people playing and participating outside in nature to ultimately create a healthier and happier society that cares about their well-being and that of the natural world that surrounds us.


To create opportunities for participation in nature based sport and recreational activities and to create the infrastructure needed for this. To educate participants about the importance of conserving our natural environment. To develop sustainable tourism through our Trail Towns initiative.

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”



As a non-profit we count on your support. Please donate so we can continue doing our work. If you are a business you can deduct you contribution from tax.