Dads & Lads Outside

Dads & Lads Outside is an initiative by the Green Sport Foundation non-profit. Today’s busy homes are filled with distractions: household chores, screens everywhere, schoolwork, both parents working, etc. Unplugging from this and spending time in nature is important to maintain a good balance. Eliminating these distractions makes it easier for parents to emotionally connect with their children. We specifically focus on opportunities for dads and their sons to spend quality time together and understand their responsibilities as father and sons.

Our Mission

To facilitate quality bonding time between dads and their sons in a group/team environment. Through the initiative we aim to lead, guide, and inspire dads and their sons by creating fun and learning experiences outside, and in nature.


To grow the relationship between dads and their sons and build friendships with other dads and sons. To foster an appreciation for the great outdoors to conserve it for future generations. To scale this initiative to other cities and towns.


• Facilitating events where dads and their sons can bond with each other (and other dads and their sons) in an outdoor environment.
• Having fun outdoors and creating memorable experiences in the process.
• Passing on good Christian values and excepting responsibility for our roles as men, fathers, and sons.
• Teaching conservation and fostering an appreciation for nature.
• Addressing fatherlessness and the value of a good father in this world.


• Spending quality time together in nature tightens the bond between father and son.
• Spending time with other fathers and sons creates a sense of community and helps us learn from each other and build new friendships.
• Physical outdoor activities hold many health benefits. This includes helping with mental health issues such as ADHD, depression and anxiety.
• Outdoor environmental education helps conserve the planet for future generations.
• We learn important life skills associated with sport, survival, relationships and father/sonhood.
• We get to be close to creation and understand our roles and responsibilities as men of God.

Leaders and Volunteers

Have a great venue or activity to share in your area? Want to host an event or help us out at an event? We need men like you and will assist and help equip you. Please sign up here.

Join one of our upcoming events

Our Dads & Lads events are the cornerstone of this initiative as this is where we do awesome activities together, meet new people and have lots of fun. All boys and men over the age of 5 are welcome and you don’t have to be a dad to invite a boy along. Father and brother figures are also important. These events are also important fundraisers for the Foundation’s work.

Upcoming Events

Sat 10 Sep. 2022Adventure morningOak Valley Farm, Riebeeksriver Road, Riebeeck KasteelInfo