Trail Tourism Development

It is no secret that many travelers choose their holiday destinations based on things to do around a specific city or town. This is especially true for active people such as runners and cyclists that might be training for a race or event.

These events often have specific requirements due to their technicality and distance. Our research thus show that many people will choose a destination not only based on their trail/route offerings but also on the quality of information.

Through the use of technology we have developed a successful model to help cities and towns develop, map, package and market their local trails as sustainable tourism products. An example hereof is George Trails.

Trail tourism generate income trough tourism that advances the local economy, create jobs and leads to a healthier society.

Sports Development

Sport has got universal appeal and breaks down barriers across many divides.

Throw in a spirit for adventure, take it into the great outdoors and it becomes even better… a space where one can be in touch with nature, explore and push your limits.

Green Sport not only promotes outdoor sport and recreational activities, but also facilitates coaching clinics and workshops where one can learn from professional athletes and coaches to take their sport to the next level.

Through our Green Sport Ambassador programme we partner with top sportspeople and achievers that live out Green Sport’s ethos of playing outside in nature in a responsible way. They share our passion for the great outdoors and would like to give back by sharing their knowledge, experience and adventures with others.

Youth Development

Our failure to ensure that children have rich connections with nature has led to what Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods and founder of the Children and Nature Network, terms Nature Deficit Disorder. Louv points out that a generation growing up with little or no experience in the natural world is exhibiting exploding rates of psychological and physical problems.

All too often, we prescribe new medications rather than fresh air. Yet nature can be even more powerful than pharmaceuticals in treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), clinical depression, obesity and other near epidemic diseases. The responsibility to act resides in all of us.

Green Sport offers youth programmes and camps to help educate kids about their natural surroundings. This includes many fun activities and show them how to care for the environment.

Skills Development

The main goals of our skills development programmes are to create opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of people.

New skills allow individuals to be more competitive in the jobs market and to make a positive contribution to the economy and in return earn a wage to support themselves (and their families)

Our programmes provides skills training in a variety of niche sectors that includes, but are not limited to:

  • Trail Building
  • Trail Marshaling
  • Trail Guiding
  • Outdoor gym construction (wood)
  • Events management

Conservation Education

Our role in conservation is mainly based on awareness and education around fauna and flora to be found along trails and how to preserve this.

Irresponsible and mechanical trail use can often lead to much damage, not only to the actual trails but also to the surrounding vegetation and animal life.

Sadly graffiti and littering are frequent along many trails. Through projects and with the help of dedicated volunteers we are able to do cleanups along trails and beaches to rid it of refuse and plastic. This helps restore the natural ecosystems.