Our Services

Although Green Sport is a non-profit our directors and management team brings a lot of professional business experience to the table allowing us to offer valuable services to everyone sharing in the green – and eco economies. Offering these services helps us fund the foundation. By contracting us you will not only assist a bigger cause but also receive excellent value for money through quality services. A win-win.


Our team of professionals and dedicated volunteers brings many years of experience to the table. We are driven by our passion for nature, conservation and the great outdoors being the ultimate playground.

We have consulted for Municipalities, Government Organizations, Conservation Bodies and Adventure Businesses and offer a variety of specialist services that include the following:

  • Research & Reporting
  • Product development for the Tourism Sector
  • Marketing (Web Design, Graphic Design, Signage)
  • Media (PR, Social Media, Photography, Videography)
  • Events Management
  • Outdoor infrastructure building (Trails & Gyms)
  • GIS & Mapping
  • Sport Development
  • Youth Development
  • Skills Development
  • Conservation Development

Marketing & Media

We understand the marketing and media world well and our services include:

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Public Relations
  • Copy Writing
  • Social Media
  • Content Management
  • Photography
  • Video Productions
  • Media Buying
  • Advertising

Events Management

Our team has years of events management experience in both small and large events. We also assist other event organizers and can become involved in the conceptualization, organization, operations, sponsorship or marketing of your event, as required.

Our services include:

  • Conceptualizing new event ideas
  • Venue/landowner negotiations
  • Site/venue planning and management
  • Event Project Management (Planning)
  • Operational implementation
  • Budget and financial management
  • Supplier sourcing and management
  • Sponsorship sourcing and management
  • Branding management
  • Marketing campaign (Planning, Web and graphic design, Advertising and print, TV, Radio, etc)
  • Media (Campaign planning, Copy writing, Buying, Social Media, Content management, Photography, Videography)

Trail Infrastructure

Trail Building is a science and there is much more to it than scratching open a path in the dirt. This is especially true of mountain bike trails.

We work according to IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) guidelines and have a strong focus on creating a quality trail experience for the user.

We define a quality mountain bike trail as one that is:

  • Appropriate to a particular place and setting.
  • Environmentally and socially sustainable.
  • Economically responsible, taking into account long-term costs associated with maintenance and administration.
  • Outcomes-focused, able to provide the targeted experience and benefits for the identified rider skill level.

Our team also plan, design, manufacture and install professional trail signage and construct wooden bridges and features in line with environmental guidelines.

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor gyms are taking the world by storm and revitalizes parks and green spaces…or adds to the existing offering in these areas.

An outdoor gym with a thoughtful selection of units will cater to a diverse demographic, providing a challenging workout to individuals at every fitness level. Couple this with your morning run, ride or walk and take your fitness to the next level.

 Outdoor fitness equipment is suitable for all climates and can be installed in any part of the country. Whether you are in an area with limited space, there is fitness equipment structure that will accommodate your location. People enjoy the health benefits of outdoor exercising in the fresh air.

Outdoor gyms are great ways for local governments or body-corporates to invest into their local communities and residents.

We offer both wood and metal equipment variations.


We provide trail related mapping services for both digital and print applications.

GPS enabled devices such as smartphones, watches and handheld devices have changed the way we can navigate and make trails more accessible and safe.

Our mapping services include:

  • Route planning
  • Route mapping
  • Features (landmarks, perimeters, safety info, etc)
  • Route integration with software and online platforms
  • Route integration with Apps
  • Graphic Design